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I have been providing professional high quality corporate photographic services to businesses for over 30 years. I specialise in staff portraits and corporate headshot photographs with style and creativity.

A significant proportion of my work is photographing company board directors and key managers, whose time is precious and who value my ability to take compelling images, often at short notice, against unforgiving deadlines.

Elsewhere I have a wealth of experience in food photography using macro lenses for close up work and high quality flash lighting to bring culinary skills to life in images. I have a strong history in editorial and lifestyle magazine publications, and a long standing background in Interior/architectural work using a combination of wide angle lenses, lighting and expert photographic techniques.

Separately I also have a busy wedding photography and portrait business. More information on this can be found at my other site –

About Ben

My name is Ben Pollard,
I’m a Photographer.

With more than 30 years experience in photography I feel I’m well qualified to handle your photographic needs. Be that corporate portraiture, food photography, lifestyle and interior photography or product and advertising work.

I’m mature and confident enough with my people skills to put even the most uncomfortable subject at ease in front of a camera. With that I can get the best from every photographic shoot, no matter how much pressure or challenging the environment.

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PR Shoot
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