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About Ben

My name is Ben Pollard,
I’m a photographer.

With a career in photography of 30 years I have worked in just about every photographic genre.

At about the age of 7 my dad put a Kodak box brownie camera in my hands. I still have it, and occasionally take it off the shelf to open it and breath in its glorious scent of vintage nostalgia.

Photography is in my blood and it’s my absolute passion. My father was a photographer and it’s been my career since leaving college, having collected A Level, BTEC ND, City & Guilds in my subject. I learned my craft initially with film and processing in the dark room to create photographic prints in both black and white and colour. And in subsequent years progressed to the digital world of RAW files, JPEGs and Adobe Photoshop etc.

I’ve done it all in terms of making pictures, and have worked with a huge range of clients, venues and products all over the world. I’ve worked in various portraiture studios, as a cruise ship photographer and have worked with some of the best Michelin stared chefs in the world photographing dishes and cooking methods for books and magazine publications.

I’m also experienced in macro photography having photographed a huge range of jewellery products over the years for a number of clients and I have also worked on construction sites providing imagery to the building industry (including plumbing components next to the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt).

This said, my passions are people and personal interactions and these factors are what I think make a great portrait photographer. My experience from lots of different backgrounds has made me understand how to get the best images from a subject no matter how camera shy or uncomfortable they may feel. Whilst this may seem a bit of a brag, I am truly a passionate photographer who loves every second of being behind the camera and I am dedicated to being at the very top of my game.

Why Choose Me?


30+ years experience in photography.

Professional skills

A wealth of training both formally and in photography workshops and seminars.

professional camera equipment

Continually reinvesting in cameras, lenses and lighting equipment.


A photographer that can read a person and help get the best of them in a photographic portrait.

Creative vision

Looking for alternative solutions to create diverse imagery.

understanding of time pressure

Used to working in high pressure environments and can think fast to provide a solution.

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