Home Office/Locations

The Home/office environment can sometimes seem like it may not be the most suitable location for a decent corporate portrait. Often there’s too many personal influences to make you feel comfortable that you’re going to get a great image. Pets, children, general clutter and the fact that you’re in a generally poor place may make you feel that you’re not likely to achieve a professional result. In this example my client Dennis does have a great setting and I’ve made use of that but like most of us there are still a number of personal items around, some of which add to the image but a number of items were removed/replaced. In addition to this using wide apertures (where the lens is as open as possible creating a small depth of field) means I can limit how much of the background is in focus meaning distractions. As an option I also positioned him against a clean white wall (don’t worry if you don’t have one I can bring a background panel if needed). Sometimes though a plain white background isn’t enough and to add more interest in another set Ive used a combination of background lighting with coloured gels to compliment the blue and yellow outfit.