Medium Sized Team Corporate Portraits

The majority of my photographic work is mid sized corporate business wanting fresh team/group shots for their websites and LinkedIn profiles etc. Orchard Practice are very much that typical client with a team of approximately 5 people they operate out a first floor office. Their brief was to attain a verity of individual staff portraits that could be used for profiles in their website as well as social media and to show them as a combined force in group shots not only as a whole but also as sub groups. All of this was mixed in with photography done outside to demonstrate their flexibility on visiting prospective and current clients. In addition to this they also required imagery that demonstrated their stylish brand focused boardroom/meeting room facilities for client comfort.

Portability is key to all of my work in this area, using battery powered flash equipment means minimum fuss and no trip hazards. It also means I can work quickly and efficiently allowing the office to continue functioning with as little disruption as possible.