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Trouw Nutrition

Trouw Nutrition – Staff Profile Portraits

One of my long standing photography clients is a company called Trouw Nutrition, a company with 150 years of history within the UK. Trouw have a number of photographic requirements mostly relating to public relations and corporate identity. The brief for this photographic project was to deliver a series of portrait images that showed staff to be approachable and highly knowledgeable professionals. In this instance the subjects are set within the environment in which they may typically be found. In the case of Trouw this could be pastoral or dairy farms or alternatively their UK base for distribution and packaging. Much of the work here is using remotely fired radio transmitter flash lighting (off camera lighting) to keep a natural but well lit image, and some is lit using purely natural light. The flash lighting equipment I personally use is lightweight and easy to manage, meaning portability to go just about anywhere be that a farm or the middle of a busy city!

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